At Integrated Mobile Marketing, we understand the pressure you face to project a cohesive and enticing front. We take pride in engulfing ourselves in your business and the needs of your customers. With this in mind, we are able to create highly professional and alluring websites that are tailored to fit your business and its objectives. With passion and caution, we close the gap between attractiveness and effectiveness, leaving a website that appeals to your brand and your customers. Good design is important. Our user-friendly designs ensure easy navigation and functionality without impeding on appearance.

Services offered:

Web Design

It’s hard to argue that WordPress the most versatile and easy-to-use content management system (CMS) available, but if you aren’t using this powerful platform to its fullest capabilities, you’re missing out on HUGE potential for traffic and even more importantly sales. That’s why it’s so important to have a WordPress partner who understands the technology and can take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Website Review

Maybe you just want a website analysis. Perhaps you feel your website is fine but want to have a second opinion on how to make the site better. Sure, we can handle that as well.

Website Maintenance

We are all busy today and rarely have time to maintain our own website. But it’s extremely important to make sure WordPress is updated regularly or you could be a victim of a horrible attack by malware or even worse. Let us handle the monthly maintenance for you.

Website Hosting

There is nothing more important than having top-notch hosting service for your website. Nobody can afford to have downtime for their website. It’s important to keep the website safe as well from intruders. We use top notch servers with security checks on a daily basis.

WordPress Help

You have this beautiful new wordpress site, but you don’t know how to maintain it or make changes. Let us handle that for you. We can audit your WordPress site and make recommendations as well as just manage and even host it for you.

Google My Business Photos

Over that past 6 months Google has gone to great lengths to get businesses to post most photos in the My Business Dashboard….

For months Google has encouraged business with the promise that (and I quote): Businesses with recent photos typically receive more clicks to their websites. So the point is:  The more you post, the better your website will do in the rankings. We can help you monthly by uploading and optimizing photos for your business. 

Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified

We can help you with your digital marketing with Google Adwords while helping you audit your current site’s Google Analytics. There could be a page that’s killing your ranking or a page that needs to be optimized.

Waze Advertising

Waze knows drivers and Waze knows advertising. Take advantage of location based marketing and create a meaningful local ad within the context of a drive.

Social Media Branding and Review Management

Sometimes, we needed to make our companies live on more than just our website. Let us do a social media audit and see how your company is portrayed online. We can also handle the management of your company’s online reputation.