How You Can Write Better Headlines that Convert

So many businesses have delved into the increasingly important decision of creating a blog and writing posts. But most people struggle with blogs because they don’t what to write or how to get people to read it.

Lets say you have the information you want to write about.

It’s perfect. You have everything in a logical order, and it flows so well.

But one thing is missing.

The one thing that will make a break you.

It’s the headline.

According to, 80% will read the headline and 20% will read the copy. “When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents of your dollar.”

Sounds like you have to make that headline count. One of my favorite copywriters online is Joanna Wiebe, and she is one of the most brilliant copywriters on the internet. She has created a video to show you how to write the headline that gets all the people to read.

Check it out here and follow her blog at